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How to Use Rei Da Bet 365 Soccer Statistics Software And Beat The Bookmakers

Hello guys, in this article we gonna share with you all informations about how to beat the bookmaker sites

Using the BEST soccer statistics software out there, the Rei Da Bet 365 Soccer Statistics Software.

First of all we wanted to say that online sports betting, or online soccer betting is quite different than GENERAL GAMBLING.

Actually it is NOT gambling at all, but it involves purely: SKILLS

Because to beat the bookmaker sites, it all comes down to finding FAIR ODDS x VALUE BETS (Advantageous / Unproportional Odds)

What this means ?

I explain now.

The general role of the bookmaker is to act as a market maker for sports wagers, most of which have a binary outcome: a team either wins or loses. The bookmaker accepts both bets and maintains a spread which will ensure a profit to them, regardless of the outcome of the bets placed.

Fixed-odds betting is all about probability. For casino games like dice rolling, the probability function that describes the chance of one or another result occurring can be calculated with extreme precision, by mathematical formulas. The skill of a person hardly comes in to play.

In sports prediction, by contrast, the probability function can only be estimated by observation of a team/players past performance, and other influencing factors like the weather conditions, if there are any players on the squads who will not be playing due to being injured, and stuffs like that.

Thus, fair odds in sports betting, are merely estimations of the expected probability (ie: implied probability), or chance, of something occurring, rather than exact calculations.

In sports betting, tipsters/bettors compete against bookies with not exact probability math like Casino where house never looses but merely estimated probability.

The bookies do not necessarily have edge over seasoned punters for the estimated probability, and most importantly bookies odds often reflect their best estimate which we discuss later.

Therefore there are opportunities YOU CAN BEAT the bookies using smart soccer analysis with special soccer statistics software analysis tools like our soccer software.

The good news is that unlike casino game where pure mathematics governs, sports betting relies on skill & the number is affected by subjective factors as well.

So it's not necessarily you will surely lose if you don't have better skill to know the real true odds than bookmakers. The key point here is if you can find the bet with positive expected value, then it's almost certain that you will win average in long-term.

This is called a Value Bet. Bookies have edge over tipsters/bettors in the form of Over-round. But the proven tipsters / proven system / value bet finder will identify a True Value Bet which gives you the edge over the bookmakers in the form of UNDER-ROUND. It is a Positive expected value.

Proven Tipsters & Systems like ours, generate tips in the SELECTED BETS where they have SKILL edge over the bookmakers, which will actually become the best bets ever, and these bets will shape Sharp bookmakers (such as Pinnacles) & Betting Exchanges odds like betfair.

And Value bet finders locate the value bets based on the odds differences between soft bookies and sharp bookies including betting exchanges.

So, as long as you keep betting on the bets with Positive expected value suggested by proven tipsters, or do your research using specialized soccer analysis tools like our best soccer statistics software, it is therefore almost impossible for you not to win in long-term.


So with this in mind we have developed what can be called THE BEST SOCCER STATISTICS SOFTWARE ever created in the world, currently.

Our software covers data from 179+ Leagues WORLDWIDE, INCLUDING cups & leagues like UEFA Europa League, Nations League, UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and also difficult/rare leagues/cups from strange countries like albania, chile, and even some EXOTIC leagues from exotic countries in BIG DEMAND like Brazil Serie A.

So all in all: Our soccer statistics analysis software is EVERYTHING you need to beat the bookmakers and MAKE A LIVING out of online soccer betting confidently.

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Here on Below is a COMPLETE Video Tutorial showing how to use our soccer analysis software, from inside and out !


Have a nice day guys, Thanks.

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