How to Bet On Correct Scores Market The Right Way Using Rei Da Bet 365 Software

On this article we will explain to you guys how to bet on correct scores market properly, using the BEST soccer statistics software the Rei Da Bet 365 software.



First of all the first thing you should keep in mind when deciding to bet on the correct score market is that: IT'S NOT DIFFICULT, PERIOD

You just need to KNOW HOW TO DO IT  and STARTING OUT + developing the skills, because betting on correct scores market is a matter of ANALYSIS + SKILLS and what do i mean by that ?



Well i do mean that, some matches and not only some matches but MOST SOCCER MATCHES, they always fall short under a certain range of correct score final results, not only in certain leagues that tend to go UNDER 2.5 for MOST of their games (Like England Premier League) where we see A LOOOOOT of 0 x 0, 1 x 1 x 1 x 0, or 2 x 0 results, but also on certain games BETWEEN CERTAIN TEAMS  like for example the game between INTER MILAN X LAZIO, have NEVER SEEN A OVER 3.5 VICTORY EVER.



It's been many DECADES and yet, this encounter have never seen a OVER 3.5 GOALS (4 goals or more) victory from any/either of the 2 teams.

so this means that with POWERFUL STATISTICS BY YOUR SIDE and a powerful tool like OUR PROGRAM/SOFTWARE, then YES you can easily BEAT THE BOOKMAKERS on the LONG-TERM, betting on the correct scores market with small effort and commitment on your part as well as with some skills (which can be easily developed over time).



To give you guys an example of that, i will show you on below an image of what i mean and a solid method on how to do this very thing (bet and win on correct scores market)

Pay close attention to this picture on below




Accross ALL major leagues (England, Spain, Italy and Germany), it's an AVERAGE taken / analyzed using OUR SOCCER STATISTICS SOFTWARE 


So on this chart you can clearly see that 1 x 1 happens a looooooooot of times / MOST of the times, accross this said leagues on above

followed by a 1 x 0.


What do this means ?

It means that UNDER 2.5 GOALS happens = QUITE A LOT

on games from this said leagues which means you can confidently place bets on a few score-lines on this said leagues



As with all good bets, the odds of the bet winning should be better than the chances of the bet winning in order to make it a value bet.

In general terms the smaller the score the shorter the odds, the bigger the score the bigger the odds in correct score betting.

Most bookies price up the correct score bets based on the odds of each team winning rather than how many goals they tend to score which is where you can gain an edge over the bookies.

Teams that have an equal chance of winning are likely to have the same odds on each score yet they may have very different scoring habits meaning the correct score odds are ''incorrect'', this is EXACTLY why we WIN A LOT of OVER 10.00 odds tips on our correct score tips VIP channel.


Because WE KNOW THIS SECRETS for pulling out FAT / BIG WINNINGS like these, from the correct score markets, using our soccer statistics analysis software.


And we are sharing some of this secrets here with you right now. That table on above was a compilation of the most frequent score-lines, from the 4 MAJOR leagues (England Premier League, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, and Spain La Liga)


You can see the most frequent score lines are UNDER 2.5 GOALS as a norm for MOST of the games played on those leagues.

So this means that there are only 5 possible scores, 0 x 0, 1 x 0, 0 x 1, 1 x 1 and 2 x 0. 


You are NOT going to bet RANDOMLY on a RANDOM correct score and HOPE that your bet turns out a winner so you can win big money.

But you will bet correctly now, BASED ON FACTS/STATISTICS



Of the MOST FREQUENT SCORE LINES like we presented to you on here before. So with this way/method, you are drilling down the correct scores market down to ONLY 5 POSSIBLE RESULTS, not a dozens of results anymore, since if you pick up the RIGHT TEAMS who are/tend to be low scoring usually, then they will certainly fall under that threshold of UNDER 2.5 GOALS for MOST of their matches, which gives you the increased opportunity for BIG GAINS on the correct score market, betting on this particular teams OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

If you think a game is going to be high scoring the possibilities on this games are almost unlimited, even if you think a certain team will win and both teams will score you are still looking at 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 3x2, 4x2 and so on.

A bet on a favourite 1x0 will usually get you odds of about 6.00 whilst the odds on a 3-2 will be around 25.00.

I'd bet that most tipsters/sports bettors have more than 4x better success rate picking 1x0's than 3x2's which would make the 1x0's a BETTER VALUE.

Bore Draw Refund Offer


Another reason to concentrate on smaller scorelines is the bore draw refund many bookies offer (like bet 365). This results in your stake being refunded if the game ends 0x0 and if you are betting on a 1x0, or even a 1x1, the main threat to your bet
being a winning one is likely to be the 0x0 scoreline so to get your stake back if that is the outcome can be a huge help to your profitability.

Bet365 often offer this concession on matches whilst many other bookies will offer it on selected games and even though they may counteract the offer by offering slightly worse odds it is still worth taking those slightly reduced odds. 
in most cases if the 0x0 looks a possible outcome.

If you look at the England Premier league fixtures list and try and pick several correct scores you are going to find things extremely difficult.


For one the games in the Premiership tend to be open games with goals at both ends so low scoring
outcomes can be quite rare and hard to pick.


Certain leagues and nations tend to have much tighter matches and these can be the ones to concentrate on.


Although some of these have opened up in recent years some of the lowest scoring leagues can be found in Italy, France, Greece, Poland, Israel, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Turkey and Slovakia amongst other countries.



The lower leagues in these countries can be particularly low scoring so it's worth USING OUR SOFTWARE the Rei Da Bet 365, Best Soccer Statistics Software and checking which leagues are covered by your preferred bookmakers and then studying all of those leagues for bets.


Be Selective

Because you will be looking for low scoring games in probably 30-40 leagues in total you can be very selective and only pick the strongest bets.

It's no good finding a team that has won it's last 6 games 1x0 if they are playing a team that has 3 or 4 goals in it's games each week.



Another SOUND STRATEGY you can do when betting on correct scores market with our software is to pick up teams



from the STREAKS SECTION of our software, who are under 2 or Above streak, for a certain low scoring goals outcomes (Yes you can research that on our software) and pick up this team and place a bet on a REPETITION of the same score, either for his win, or for his loss, by using CROSS DOUBLE betting (Explained on below).


Here is a video tutorial on below teaching how to do and research correct score STREAKS using our soccer analysis software





Cross Doubles

Two correct score singles on the same match can be a great strategy in some cases but since the combined odds you are going to be getting is about 2.00 you need a great strike rate for those sorts of bets.


When looking at the form each week you might come across a few matches that you think are very likely to be either 1x0 or 1x1.


One of the best bets for these can be cross doubles, This is EXACTLY what we do on our VIP COMBO TIPS CHANNEL

Match A 1x0/1x1

Match B 1x1/1x0

Cross doubles will be 4 bets and you will win at combined odds of around 30.00 (a conservative estimate based on the odds you will be getting) and don't forget if your games are covered by the 0x0 refund offer you effectively have three
outcomes covered in each match for just 4 bets, which makes it an UNBEATABLE DEAL

So armed with this knowledge you gained here on today from our soccer method/tips, you can go ahead and conquer the correct scores soccer market easily, using the best soccer statistics software the Rei Da Bet 365 Software.

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Download it today and we wish you HAPPY ANALYZING TIME with our soccer software :)



  • By Rei Da Bet 365 Team.